Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Birthday !

"Happy Birthday Angie" shouted Tiffany as she shut her car door and walked towards her friend who was seated on the patio.

The birthday gal squealed with delight upon seeing the bouquet and after a quick embrace dashed in to put them in the water.

Angie was chattering nonstop.

When the birthday girl came out with two cups of hot beverage, she found Tiffany's head on her hands, "What's wrong?" she inquired.

"Oh, Angie! start behaving your age!" Tiffany was quick to comment.

 "Age is just a number!" she responded as she exhibited her bright white dentures.


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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Duped !

"I will trade it for your five marbles." said young Boyd with disheveled brown hair and two missing incisors while one hand scratched his bum and the other grasped the ball.

After a brief pause. 

He heard giggles, chuckles, and chortles; but Boyd was determined he stood there tapping his foot.

"Time is running out! If no marbles. I walk!" he said with a stern voice.

Silence and that was followed by marbles rolling in Boyd's direction. 
A crooked expression and the nimble boy picked the marbles. Teased them with the ball and was swift like a hyena. 


In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about trading. 
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Breathing Two Worlds

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Neena Arya, a Delhi-born goes abroad for further studies and decides to settle down there. Determined to be a 'somebody' from a 'nobody' she blends with the Americans via the accent and their mannerisms while having a live-in relationship with her European boyfriend, Adan Somoza. When illness hits home, Neena rushes to meet her ailing dad. Tragedy strikes and amidst the mingling with relatives and friends, she finds herself suffocated with the two different cultures that she has been breathing since she moved to the United States. How will she strike a balance between both the cultures as she continues to support her widowed mother? Will she be able to do justice to her personal and professional life after the loss? Amidst the adjusting she bonds with an ally and learns about ties beyond blood. On what grounds will she be able to form an invisible thread that she has longed for since childhood? Breathing Two Worlds ventures into cultures and ethnicity allowing Neena to ponder upon her foundation and priorities.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adios Mom!

A stretcher heads towards the door. 

My eyes are on the body that lies on it.

As it passes by me, I see a familiar face and memories flash before me.

A warm lap, a protective sheath, a gentle smile, a look of disapproval when being naughty, and a whisper of my name in her most fond of voice. 

Today she lay there on the stretcher with a content smile and a body that breathed for 66 years.

I gently stroke her forehead.

Adios Mom! 

I shall keep you alive as I walk the path with your principles in life. 

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a hello or a goodbye. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sunny Side up!

As I breathe into this body of bones and bunch of muscles that also comprise of fat; I look back!

I ponder over my childhood, my teens, my adulthood and now as a middle aged woman!

No doubt life has been unreasonable 'most' of the times. But, then it also taught me, matured my thinking as I continued to trod upon this path of life!

I have forgiven a bunch of my allies, made amendments with a handful, and also extended my hand to a few.

Nevertheless, there are some memories that refuse to fade away and still jab my heart when the mind recollects it. My mind has made home to individual memories that refuse to evaporate. Fortunately, the intellect acts upon and helps me come out of it or else I would either be drowning in my own tears or be flying high due to pride.

The places that have inhabited my brain include many sentiments such as success, birth, joy, disease, loss, death with various relationships in my lives. When the neurons get activated, emotions flow, but thankfully the judgment pours in and stabilizes me to think and evade from that matter.

Life goes on!

Life shall continue to go on until the planet Earth has an axis, and the Sun and the Moon do their jobs. With regards to these memories that have created a mini-cabin in my mind; I shall strive to look beyond them, along with the many relationships that I have made, and keep rowing my boat towards the sunny side of the planet with the reminder that the place that I belong to is my home, my family, and my loved ones!

Mantra for today: The Sun spares no part of the Earth but its' the vision of thy man that makes a spot sunny or stormy.


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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Road Trip...

Any trip can be an eye opener cause they always tend to teach us something in the end.

I remember making this road trip in India when I was a teenager. We were taking an excursion towards Jaipur, a city in Rajasthan, India.

We had rented a car and hired a driver. Thus, while he was driving the car, my family was sitting and enjoying the ride and the sights around the town.

It was a hot summer afternoon, and Rajasthan is known for its' high temperatures cause of the desert. However, we had our windows rolled up, and the air conditioner was on, with music in the background.

I was in the back seat near the window, enjoying the music and feeling relaxed with the cool air surrounding me.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and my reflexes were sharp enough to turn and hide my face. A person had thrown a stone towards our car, and it hit my window. The shattered glass was all around me. Our driver was quick enough to screech his brakes on time, to avoid a mishap on the road.

He was quick to take an exit to the nearest hospital while I lay still since did not want any of the glass to penetrate further into the skin. That moment, while he was driving, I could feel the warm air blowing through that open window, and felt the changes in temperature and how my body was lying there vulnerable to the circumstance.

No man has control over mishaps. Although, we try hard to make our trips memorable and fun, but when it comes to traveling no journey is perfect.

Thank god, my wounds were not harsh, and I recovered in no time. We toured the city and returned home with memories.

Mantra for today: All journeys end, but they are not confined to a happy note, thus go with the flow.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Princess from La-La Land

Long time ago there was a princess in a La-La Land. She was pulchritudinous and intelligent. Her Dad, the King of La-La Land, was proud of her and had ordered all the assistants in the palace to just attend to her needs.

 The attendants had to search far and beyond to meet her demands. But at the end of the day, her requests were met by hook or by crook.

This Princess had everything at an arm's length. She was happy. She was content.
But, not for long!

One day she asked her attendants, "Get me peace!"
They looked at each other with curiosity.
One of them got a cellist. He played the cello in such a way that all the onlookers including the princess experienced various emotions such as calmness, sensuousness; their minds got solemn as the strings were pulled gently by the cellist.
Mission accomplished!

But not for long...the princess demanded, "Peace!!"
The attendants scratched their heads.

One of them got a Yoga teacher. He made her perform many yoga stretches such as Eagle Pose, Dancer's Pose, Crescent variation, Handstand hops, Warrior poses. She huffed, and she puffed as she became quite sore thereafter. She slept well for a few days until she asked for peace again!

The attendants got nervous until one of them called for a therapist. He asked questions, and the princess answered them. They were all related to calm her overactive mind. She was prescribed to be 'mindful' This made her even more curious.

"What is mindful?" she asked.

The therapist asked her to ponder over each of her thought and activity during the day for a week while promising to be back after seven days.

She grew restless at first but stuck to what was advised.

She noted down her moods, she jotted down her sorrows, she scribbled her joys, she recorded her pains and her invisible tears. That made her sleep well each night as she would eat and sleep well. As she continued with her prescribed activity, she was laughing more than what she usually did. She found her mind and body synchronize over various things. The princess was sympathetic towards others as she would show interest in their lives. Her attendants saw a new princess as she would compliment them often. That satisfaction would make her blush, and she grew prettier day by day.

Day 7 arrived in no time, and this therapist was amazed to see her glow. He asked for the secret. She did not hesitate to blurt it out, "I feel peace from the thoughts that come and go. Thus, this glow."
(Did this rhyme?)
Let's make that the Mantra for the day!!

Mantra for today: Make Peace from the thoughts that come and go. The glow would be the aftereffect. 


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s sentence is “I find peace from…” or close enough.
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